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Health Heelers recognizes the value of animals in aiding human health and healing. The power of animals to promote health and wellness became evident to Laura Hey, founder of Health Heelers, after attending a national conference on research, theory and application of the human-animal bond. Laura's education in Animal-Assisted Therapy through a DePaul University partnership brought credence to her long-held belief that some animals have the innate ability to aid in human health and healing . That belief is evident in the successful and valuable programs she creates. With an extensive background as a rehabilitation professional, a degree in Animal-Assisted Therapy and significant education in dog training and dog behavior, Laura has a great understanding of the human-animal bond and how to utilize that relationship in harmonious interventions that benefit all participants. Combining her deep affection and respect for animals and people, Laura designs and directs very unique and successful Animal -Assisted Therapy programs for health care, educational and community settings. Laura also teaches Therapy Dog Team Skills classes and oversees the placement, coordination and training of numerous therapy dog teams. Ms. Hey is a certified Animal-Assisted Therapist and considered to be an expert in Animal-Assisted Therapy.

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The Science Behind Our Beloved Therapy Animals

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