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Lifeline Program

We have many resources to support you and your journey, there is no cost to give us a call and get more information.

Horizon offers a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) using technology and equipment from Phillips Lifeline. A lifeline button is a wonderful way to enable an aging parent or loved one to remain independent in their home without the worry of a fall going undetected.

Individuals who use our Lifeline system are given a necklace with an alert button to wear in their home. A phone line must be available within the home as well as a phone (preferably not a cordless phone, due to alert failure if the phone is not charged properly). A trained volunteer visits each new client’s home to set up the receiver, make sure you understand how to use the equipment, and test the equipment prior to beginning the program.

For more information on pricing and service area, please contact us at (414) 365-8300.